what is ssc scam ?

What is SSC scam? It is also known as SSC Examination scam. This scam is an exam scandal that first revealed by the media in late 2021 when NDA ministry of government was in India. This scam includes various kinds of frauds such as no recruitment upon getting 100% percentile result, unfair marking system and many more. It is therefore essential for all those who are planning to join Indian Staff Selection Commission (ISC) with a view to make their career in India to get proper knowledge about this scam.

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First of all, it is important to know how this scam happened. There have been rumors that certain exam papers were tampered with at some place in the country.

But the actual incident took place in Hyderabad. According to reports, six candidates from Telangana state were selected for the exam conducted by National Association of Human Resources Management (AHRM) in Hyderabad on behalf of SSCM and SSC exam board.

As per the reports, all six candidates were found in duplicate copies of SSC exam papers.

Another most important issue about this scam is related to the preparation policy of SSCM. This exam was prepared manually, without any kind of automation, and without any latest tools. According to reports, some examiners started to suspect, because the examiners did not use latest technology in preparing the exam.

According to initial calculations, almost hundred and sixty percent of the SSCM students have cheated. Some of the candidates who failed to clear the exam were found to be in direct contact with Yampa scam team, which successfully carried out massive income fraud.

The examination methodologies followed by SSCM Hyderabad proved to be disastrous for the students. Some of the candidates were found to be in contact with laxmikant sharma contractors and they gained money through the bogus degrees obtained by them.

The highest incidence of cheating happened among those candidates who had weak performances in the core subjects. Some of the weaker candidates reached out to SSCM scam consultants and procured degrees in subjects like arts, commerce and management, which are well beyond their academic capability.

After this, the Department of Education and Statistics (DEST) conducted a survey in Hyderabad and found that almost sixty percent of the exam candidates who passed the exam have been found to be in contact with yampa scam experts. The conmen used forged degrees, false certifications and other official documents to get closer to the targeted students. The conmen used these fake certifications to get credit for their real degrees earned in other institutions.

These students tried to exaggerate the extent of their achievements so as to convince the potential employers about their worth. The Department of Education conducted an inquiry and the scam was finally exposed.

The Department of Education conducted another survey and found that almost eighty percent of the exam candidates who passed the exams last year were found to be in contact with laxmikant sharma contractors. The officials found that most of these candidates did not have any contact information and they used fake degrees and qualifications to get admission in top educational institutes.

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The exam conducted by the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPSE) last year was also found to be affected by the SSCM scam. The exam was conducted by the local YPDS cadre with the help of a small number of corrupt board officials.

The exam was conducted under the category of basic and advance engineering entrance tests. The exam had been designed and written by a small group of highly corrupt board officials and it required certain answers to be correct to clear the exam.

There was a lot of pressure on the students to submit wrong answers to win quick degree and this led to a lot of cheating by the student and the lack of response from the board officials. When the SSCM scam became exposed, the education ministry ordered a review of the exam and this led to several changes in the existing exam pattern. This has now become a pattern for other boards to follow.

The scandal has touched even the national examinations conducted by the Delhi Police. The third section of the Delhi Police Selection Commission (DPSC) exam was also found to be affected by the scam. The third exam is very difficult and many candidates may find it hard to clear even with help of previous exam scores.

The exam includes an answer sheet which requires correct calculations are based solely on the answers provided by the candidate. This makes it very hard for the candidate to understand the actual question and to give correct answer. The DPSC has ordered a review of all the documents pertaining to the exam and is expected to complete the task by July.


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