what is backlog vacancy ?

What is Job Vacancy? India’s demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers far exceeds the available supply. As a result, thousands of professionals who are perfectly fit to join the workforce in the country find themselves stranded.

Some of them opt to move abroad to pursue their career goals. And others are stuck with a dwindling career prospects owing to the shortage of qualified applicants for vacant positions in the country.

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The entire process is a chicken-and-egg scenario whereby trained professionals who are unable to find a suitable job in the country or abroad are denied the opportunity to prove their worth on merit solely because of their ignorance about various aspects of the recruitment process.

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The three major categories of candidates in the job market are RSS category, ST category and BPO category. Non-RSS and ST category candidates are generally considered less qualified and eligible for the same positions as the RSS candidates. Let us take a detailed look at the prevalent problems faced by recruiters as well as candidates, who are desirous of joining the armed forces, the medical profession and other allied services due to lack of vacancies.

What is RSS? RSS stands for Service Provider Organization. These organizations provide recruitment services to many recruiting agencies across the country. Candidates looking for recruitment opportunities can submit their resumes to these agencies.

The recruiters then contact the candidates, who match the specifications specified by the recruiter. If the candidate is found qualified and suitable, then he or she is invited to present his or her resume to the employer.

What is ST category? ST category is reserved for vacancies that recruit service providers and management cadre with the required qualifications. Candidates with ST classification are the best of the lot, as they have specialized expertise and proven track records.

They have successfully joined and worked in multinational organizations, government and educational institutions, as well as BPO firms. Candidates with such profile usually get regular calls for interviews from prospective employers.

What is the backlog vacancy? What is the backlog vacancy defined as? A vacancy is a word that indicates an existing vacant position in a company. Companies normally define a vacancy by posting it on their web site or announcing it through press releases sent to the mass media.

What is ews quota? Ews Quota is the term used to describe the recruitment criterion for BPO firms. He is the abbreviation of Employer’s Wife’s Index, which is a statistical tool used to identify candidates with skills and experience who may be eligible for recruitment in BPO firms. The index is based upon information provided by BPO companies.

Experts believe that companies should relaxations loosen up the quota, as this makes the recruitment process much easier and quicker.

What is the backlog vacancy? What is the Ewing’s quotient for assessing potential candidates for BPO vacancies? The Ewing’s index is a statistical tool that provides companies with the information necessary to assess whether or not a candidate has the skills and experience required for the job.

The index takes into consideration a number of factors including age, experience, education and work patterns. Experts believe that companies should relax the Ewing’s quota, as this makes the recruitment process faster and easier.

What is Ewing’s index for selecting potential candidates? The Ewing’s index is an estimation of the candidate’s ability using past data and experience. It is a very effective tool for BPO firms to assess the skills of candidates who might be available for recruitment. What is Ewing’s index for assessing EWD candidates?

The indices are essentially a tool for assessing the skills and experience of potential candidates who may be available for recruitment. When an employer uses the index for choosing an EWD candidate, the applicant’s history and past experiences are taken into account.

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