Health Insurance

Are you worried your Indian health insurance policy will not cover you abroad if a Russian-Ukrainian crisis strikes?

The health coverage will depend upon the kind of health insurance policy you have purchased.

Most of the comprehensive health insurance policies purchased from Indian health insurance providers typically do not offer treatment coverage outside India.

"Most domestic health insurance policies offer coverage for medical issues within India only.

So, in case of illness or accidents in a foreign country, the person will have to bear the treatment costs from his/her own pocket," says Abhishek Misra

There are many health insurance policies in India that offer global coverage. If you have bought such a policy, your chances of getting the treatment coverage are higher.

These are the polices that offer golable coverage Activ Assure Diamond Plan from Aditya Birla Health Insurance, Global Personal Guard Plan from Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance, Health Connect Supra from Liberty Health Insurance.

Do keep in mind that even if you have a policy that offers global coverage, it is no guarantee for coverage in a Ukraine-like situation