Warina Hussain wins the most deserving award for International Icon of the Year.

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Author by- Arush

In recent weeks, the whole tinsel town got together to celebrate the Lords of Trendz Awards.

. Actress Warina Hussain, who has always been known for 

her attractive personality, enjoys a big fan afterwards. 

The actress was finally greeted by the actress for what she deserves the most.

The actress got the most deserved title she has on the international icon of the year.

Warina proves it by being the actress who is really an international icon.

Warina is proud of each of her followers by spreading her enchantment over the world.

Warina is really lucky to have such wonderful,

followers that offer their love around the world. "

Warina has just finished the shooting of her next comedy film Dil Bill.

 Apart from that, she also runs for one of her next films, on which the official announcement will soon be.