'This Is Overacting' Aamir Khan's Performance In 'LSC'

The trailer of Aamir Khan’s eagerly-anticipated film Laal Singh Chaddha

'This Is Overacting' Aamir Khan's Performance In 'LSC'

While people have liked the overall trailer, what has left most of them highly disappointed

on social media is the way Aamir Khan has performed as the titular character. 

His performance  reminded people a lot of his act as Samar in Dhoom 3 & the way he performed as PK. 

This isn’t all, people are also trolling the film for reminding them of Salman Khan’s Tubelight and Bharat

Trolling Aamir’s performance, one person wrote, “Looks like aamir forgot to shift from Samar ( Dhoom 3 ) to Laal Singh

Another tweet read, “Na man Forrest Gump is something else.. difficult not to compare.

maybe non Hollywood watchers will like it. Aamir in Samar from Dhoom 3 mood.” 

A third tweet read, “Honestly bol raha hoon bhut excited tha LSC ke trailer ke liye

aur Amir ki acting acha hoga lag raha tha but trailer dekh ke Samar from dhoom 3 aur PK ki yaad agayi”.