Thousands of Spotify users were having problems on Tuesday

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On Tuesday all Spotify users facing issues that report collected by Downdetector tracks and then immediately spotify tweet  

spotify Tweet

Spotify Tweet

"Something's not quite right, and we're looking into it. Thanks for your reports!"

On March 8 at 11.30pm IST both android & IOS devices suddenly stop working


Due to technical issues the Spotify web player and app, on both Android and iOS devices stop working immediately 

When this issue will be fixed?

The Spotify issues were immediately fixed.


The issue, however, was not a lasting one and was quickly fixed

As of 1:10am IST, many Spotify users are now reporting that the app is now allowing them to login and stream music.


As per DownDetector, many reports of the streaming service not working had started coming in around 11:30pm IST on March 8.