When Simi Garewal Confessed Being In A Romantic Relationship With Industrialist, Ratan Tata

On this day, 84 years ago Ratan Tata was born. He is among the most successful businessmen in the county and is widely known for his philanthropic work as well.

In an interview, when asked how many times he had been in love, he replied, "seriously, four times."

In an interview, wAsked to speak more about his love life, Tata said: "Well, you know one was probably the most serious was when I was working in the US

Ratan Naval Tata (Ratan tata, born 28 December 1937) is an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and a former chairman of Tata Sons.

In later life, Ratan spoke of having four serious girlfriends in his life and 'once even got engaged, but broke it off before the cards could be printed'.

But he never married, and the absence of a spouse and children has, over the years, caused some to speculate about what motivates this incredibly motivated man

Finally, industrialist Ratan Tata reveals why he didn't marry

As his family member was ill, he had to return to India but the parents of the girl didn't allow her to come to India with Tata. So, Tata stood by his commitment and never married.

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