Sachin Tendulkar Celebrates Pi Day With A Foodie Twist; See Pic

Sachin Tendulkar is a foodie and often shares his gastronomic trails with fans on Instagram.

The former cricketer enjoys a variety of flavours on his platter from time to time.

So, what's new in his food diaries? Generally, Pi day is dedicated to the mathematical constant Pi.

This day is usually celebrated by the ones who love Mathematics and work in the same area.

However, the foodie in Sachin celebrated Pi Day in a unique manner. Sachin posted a picture of himself holding a lip-smacking pie, the bakery food made with pastry dough and various kinds of fillings.

Sachin captioned the image, “My way of celebrating Pi Day,” and added a pie and slurp emojis alongside. He also added the hashtag “Pi Day”.

Sachin Tendulkar's Instagram posts often illustrate his love for all things delicious. In one of his videos, he had explained that being ambidextrous.

Sachin Tendulkar is a fan of Maharashtrian food. In one of his posts, we saw him devouring scrumptious misal pav and talking about his liking for the same.

Sachin captioned the post, “Be it a Sunday or a Monday, I'll take Misal Pav any day! What's your idea of a perfect breakfast?”