Happy Hug Day 2022: Hug Day Wishes

National Hugging Day is a day dedicated to hugs. It was started by Kevin Zaborney, a computer programmer in Clio, Michigan, and now it is observed worldwide.

The purpose of the day is to promote the benefits of giving and receiving hugs.

A hug has the power to lift you up, to turn your day around Hope this hug brings a smile to your face

We may be far apart, but we are close at hear Sending you a big hug from miles away

You can't wrap love in a box But you can wrap it in a hug

"I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words." - Ann Hood

– I always want to feel you like this holding you in my arms so that my heart can beat with yours for a lifetime. Happy Hug Day, wifey!

– Hugging you is the best way to tell you, my love, baby. You have always been an artist who has painted my life with happiness. Love you a lot and have the warmest Hug Day in my arms.

And if you can't find anyone to give a hug, make sure to give as many as you can! Getting a hug from a stranger is a great way to combat stress.