Ratan Naval Tata is an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and a former chairman of Tata Sons. He was also chairman of Tata Group, from 1990 to 2012

as interim chairman, from October 2016 through February 2017, and continues to head its charitable trusts

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Ratan Naval Tata (Hindi: रतन टाटा, Ratan Ṭāṭā, born 28 December 1937) is an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and a former chairman of Tata Sons.

Born: 28 December 1937 (age 84 years), Mumbai 

Education: Harvard Business School (1975), MORE 

Awards: Padma Vibhushan (2008), Padma Bhushan (2000)

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Ratan Tata, in full Ratan Naval Tata, (born December 28, 1937, Bombay [now Mumbai], India), Indian businessman who became chairman (1991–2012 and 2016–17) of the Tata Group, a Mumbai-based conglomerate.

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In 2008 Tata oversaw Tata Motors’ purchase of the elite British car brands Jaguar and Land Rover from the Ford Motor Company. The $2.3 billion deal marked the largest-ever acquisition by an Indian automotive firm.

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The following year the company launched the Tata Nano, a tiny rear-engined, pod-shaped vehicle with a starting price of approximately 100,000 Indian rupees, or about $2,000. Although only slightly more than 10 feet (3 metres) long and about 5 feet (1.5 metres) wide

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Naidu too, like Tata, went to Cornell University for higher studies. After getting his MBA degree, when Naidu returned to India he was appointed the Deputy General Manager in the chairman's office, at Tata Trusts.

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the highly touted “People’s Car” could seat up to five adults and, in Tata’s words, would provide a “safe, affordable, all-weather form of transport” to millions of middle- and lower-income consumers both in India and abroad.

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