Govt Jobs Vs Private Jobs : Pros & Cons

Be it a graduate or you are in your final year. After so many years of studies, after so many years of hard work, finally the time has come.

how many processes are there, how many jobs are there and you get confused in all this. Along with this, you may also get job offers from some fake job openings at this time. 

everyone turns their back on seeing the private. It is said that in the government itself you get more benefits, 

which sector is better Private or government ?

there is more security, you get more holidays, so should the government sector really sit from private or both have their own pros and Cons.  

If I will tell you the prose and cons is there, then you will be able to see these sectors from both the viewpoints. If you can hire processors of these sectors, then the hiring prospectus of the private jobs here are very fast. 

Hire processors 

Those races which are your government job, we all know that if you are applying for a job in a year, you may get that job in July, that too is not confirmed.

on the other side when you apply in private, if i apply today this week i may get assigned my desk by next week and i start working then in this case only two day night are the difference. 

Our next point is work environment, now let’s get your job done, all your work is done, 

Work environment 

all formalities are completed, but what about the work culture or your work environment, it is sad that your work environment is yours.