Types of Demat Account

1. Regular Demat Account

2. Repatriable Demat Account

3. Non-repatriable Demat Account

When investing in stocks or other securities, you need to open a DEMAT account with a reputed bank or brokerage firm

Generally, you have to submit a passport-sized photo, proof of address and identity, and a copy of your income tax return to set up your account. 

You must present the documents in their original forms, so the DP can verify them. 

To open a Demat Account, you need to have a valid photo identity card issued by a government agency, a public sector undertaking, or a scheduled commercial bank.

Once you have an account, you can start buying or selling stocks or other securities. You can also open a non-repatriable account if you are a non-resident Indian.

This type of account does not allow you to transfer funds outside India. Then, you will need to pay the broker transfer charges.

Once you have set up your Demat account, you will have to pay annual maintenance charges.

You will be charged even if you do not make any transactions. It is essential that you select a reliable broker and make the process as smooth as possible.

The Zerodha online account opening process takes up to 15 minutes and upon successful completion