Eating a balanced diet is key, but you have to know which foods have hidden ingredients you want to avoid...

Not all foods and rinks are created equal, and many of them you only think are healthy when, in reality, they wreak havoc on your body. 

“Fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates, and are not bad for you.  

'Healthy' Foods That Are Actually Ruining Your Diet

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1. Salad dressing 

“Store bought salad dressings are often hard to pick when trying to lose weight,” Rivera said.

2. Deli meats 

“Deli meats are usually not ideal for someone who is trying to lose weight because of [their] high sodium content,” Rivera said.

3. Fruit juice 

Fruit juice isn’t ideal for someone trying to lose weight because of its added sugar, Rivera explained.

4. Cereal 

“For all of my weight loss clients I recommend not buying cereals for the simple fact that most have high sugar content,” Rivera said.

5. Frozen foods 

“Frozen foods are very convenient; however, [they] are usually packed with high amounts of sodium for preservation,” Rivera said.