2023 Honda ST125 Dax Gets  Updated Release Date For Japanese  Market

By Madamji Date- 24 Aug, 2022

Image-  asphalt and rubber

The freshest miniMOTO in the pet hotel is practically prepared to make its home-market debut.

Do you recollect a lot of about March, 2022? In the event that you love all motos small scale and made by Honda,

you might recall that is when Team Red previously declared the ST125 Dax in Europe, as a 2023 model.

Not long after that computerized declaration, the genuine, live ST125 Dax showed up face to face at the 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show.

That very month, Honda authoritatively reported a delivery date for the ST125 Dax in Japan.

 Fans were encouraged to write in their schedules for July 21, 2022 in that market.

Concerning the remainder of the world, well — we'd simply need to stand by, and trust that we would ultimately see this bicycle come to our locales.

Any remaining details continue as before about the bicycle, and only two colorways are anticipated delivery in Japan:

Red, and dark. The MSRP is 440,000 yen, which works out to about $3,226 whenever changed over on August 23, 2022.