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When a Secondary Study Stream is added to an existing Study Stream, usually on the Study Stream page by adding the title in quotes, to the selected Study Stream eg Test 1 (year 11 in, year 11 sacc, year 11 are). This will enable the user to view which of the Secondary Studies Streams they have selected. This is called browsing the secondary study streams.

The next set of features are the summary of the summary report and the analysis features. The summary report includes the summary of the selected topic. The features now make it possible to select the features that you want to track. The features summary page contains a list of the features, their descriptions, and their sources.

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The analysis features take the subject of the study and analyze its characteristics and strengths and weaknesses. Features analysis features begin with the summary report. After the summary, there are the features that analyze the topic.

Summary reports contain the features of the topic as they appear in the text. Analysis features go over the features individually. Features that evaluate the topic are usually presented in the format of a quality scorecard. There are several quality scorecards and, for each quality scorecard, there is an analysis report that gives the strengths and weaknesses of the features.

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The features analysis features are usually presented in the order that they appear in the overview report. These features are then ranked according to the importance that they have in the teaching and learning of students.

The features that are rated highest are most important to the student and the teacher. The features that are rated lowest are less important. Once the features are ranked according to their importance, they are presented in the order of their importance in the topic.

One can find many study streams that contain the features of analysis features. However, the features must be selected carefully according to the topic of the study. Some topics may have only one or two main features. In such cases, the features will not be enough to evaluate the subject adequately.

If the features are found in the summary report, they can form part of the evaluation of the subject. Therefore, the evaluation of the subject must be done carefully and the right features should be rated.

The features of analysis features are very useful for teachers because they can identify important concepts easily and help them build on these concepts as they proceed. It helps teachers build a strong foundation on which they can build their lessons on. Teachers can also use the analysis to support their teaching in a lesson.

For example, if they learn that the topic is about the development of new products, they can derive new information by analyzing the features of the study stream on marketing. This way, they can train their students about the features of the study stream more effectively.

The features of the study stream overview can be used by school counselors as well. They can use it to check whether the study topic matches the requirements of their students. Using this feature, they can make sure that the study materials they buy will meet the requirements of their students. Therefore, using the features of overview study stream will be of great help to teachers and students alike.

A summary study stream is also useful when a teacher wants to make the teaching process more organized. These streams usually have a set of features and they can be used as a guideline to make the process more effective. Streams usually categorize the information and they group the topics according to areas that need more explanation or research on.

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The summary study allows a teacher to highlight the most interesting points in each lesson. The features of a summary stream often show the title, the topic, the conclusion and the summary.

The features can also show the main points and the summary. However, the study should be organized so that the point that the summary is trying to drive home is made clear. The study should always be organized and the summary should be at the top most part of the page for easy reading.

The features of a study stream can be used in any teaching stream. When teachers find that they need to evaluate what they are teaching, they can use a study stream. Teachers can also use the study stream to organize their notes and for them to evaluate what needs more study.

When the teaching stream is used in this way, the flow of the lesson is easier to follow and students can easily follow the study. The study stream can be beneficial for all kinds of teachers.

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