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stream meaning in Hindi

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 A stream is a series of area-specific courses that you take as part of your degree.
The difference is that the school will focus exclusively on technology and digital streams .

The course stream is a general dialogue space where students post comments and upload files (audio, photos, video).

Music can be streamed in real-time or recorded for subsequent playback.
Likewise, whoever owns the media can deliver media streams from multiple servers.
The protocol establishes and controls the media stream between client devices and servers by serving as a network remote control for time-synchronized streams of continuous media, such as audio and video.

Once the client knows how to make a request, it transmits a media description request to the streaming server, and the server responds with a description of the media.

The server then returns a list of the types of requests it can accept through RTSP.

Clients can request the features they want to use in an effort to find out if the media server supports them.

The payload software streams data in real time through a series of pipes during the event.
It does not stream the multimedia itself but communicates with the server that streams the multimedia data.

The chipset is ideal for sending and receiving digital streams of audio and video.

This happens when data streaming is faster from one hardware to another.
One problem is that several of us DOS folks already have written software that handles the new data stream.
We came to the conclusion that the problem is not related to a particular batch of processors or to any single instruction or data stream.

We will first tackle the problem of adapting single streams to different time scales
We also see some advantages of stream calculus over the use of formal power series
Thus, every well-typed program can be translated to an equivalent stream-processing program.
For example, the American River in California receives flow from its North, Middle, and South forks.
The opposite to a tributary is a distributary, a river or stream that branches off from and flows away from the main stream.
A tributary,[1] or affluent,[2] is a stream or river that flows into a larger stream or main stem (or parent) river or a lake.

The Strahler Stream Order examines the arrangement of tributaries in a hierarchy of first, second, third and higher orders, with the first-order tributary being typically the least in size.

The streams and rivers here are full of excellent fish and you can catch many.

After getting the license you have hundreds of narrow fishable streams creeks and rivers to catch fish.
Electric fish stream current through the water, causing a shock to any other creatures around it.

On the web, you will hear about something connected with music and video called streaming.
Its games are live-streamed to hundreds of thousands of fans across the world on the online platform Twitch.

The hacker hopes that his code will spread the content streamed into the media player more widely.

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Bank of stream meaning in Hindi

Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.
These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word stream.

The term is often used by hydrologists when they are referring to a small section of a stream or river rather than its entire length.

The source of a river or stream (its point of origin) can consist of lakes, swamps, springs, or glaciers.
The deposit of alluvium created as a river or stream breaks, or breach es, its bank is called a crevasse splay .
Fluvial terraces mark the older, higher-elevation paths of the stream, before erosion and aggredation created the current mainstem of the stream or river

Fluvial terrace s are step-shaped areas of land that flank the banks of a river or stream.
Buildings in the A- or V-zones, for example, are near the banks of the river.
These strips are very important in protecting stream banks and water quality.

In bank filtration, water is deliberately filter ed through the banks or floodplain of a river or lake.
Water purification systems often take advantage of this natural phenomenon in a process called bank filtration .
The osmosis process occurs in our bodies and is also one method of desalinating saline water.

Infiltration of precipitation and its movement to the water table is one form of natural recharge.
Generally, the water is not available for further use; however, leakage from an irrigation ditch, for example, may percolate to a groundwater source and be available for further use.
 An example would be homeowners getting their water from their own well.
 They differ from state to state and often depend on whether the water is a river, lake, or ocean.

These are forms of diffuse pollution caused by sediment, nutrients, organic and toxic substances originating from land-use activities, which are carried to lakes and streams by surface runoff.
 In terms of streams and rivers, PCBs are drawn to sediment, to which they attach and can remain virtually indefinitely.
 A meandering stream can contribute to a floodplains aggradation, or build-up in land elevation, as well as its erosion.
 These rivers usually have a steep stream gradient –a very deep, fast-moving channel.

 Frogs and tadpoles usually inhabit shallow and slow moving waters near the sides of stream banks.
 These amphibians can be found in stream channels, along stream banks, and even under rocks.
 The floodway of the Todd River in Australias Northern Territory, for instance, is an ephemeral stream , meaning its channel can be dry for months at a time.
 Such streams also play a vital role in preserving our drinking water quality and supply, ensuring a steady flow of water to surface waters and helping to restore deep aquifers.

Most data teams cannot keep up with the endless stream of new requests.
The technology has also proven adaptable to changes in the waste stream, such as an influx of cardboard boxes.

Well defined river beds composed of riffles, pools, runs, gravel bars, a bed armor layer, and other depositional features, plus well defined banks due to bank erosion, are good identifiers when assessing for perennial streams.

Specifically, persons who own land adjacent to a stream have the right to make reasonable use of the stream.
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