one million is equal to how many lakhs

One million is the latest word when talking about the Indian economy and the current financial crisis that has hit the economy hard. As per latest statistical analysis one million is the equivalent of how many rupees two million, or more, would cost in the Indian rupee. If one million is Rupees, then by multiplying one million by the Rupees on the exchange rate, we get the current value of Rupees Sterling. Now, one million Rupees is equal to sixty-two thousand Rupees.

Thus, one million Rupees is equivalent to sixty-two thousand Rupees. This is almost about the price of a cup of coffee in Indian banks. So, how much does Rupees actually cost? Well, Rupees is one of the most widely used units of currency in the world, and so its price is always relative to the cost of other currencies. In other words, Rupees are priced by the country’s trade deficit with other countries in comparison to their GDP per capita.

Let’s take a look at some of the currencies that have a particular value per Rupee and an equivalent amount per Thousand Rupees: The Thai Baht is valued at seventy-eight thousand Rupees pertain to this currency exchange rate. The United States Dollar is valued at thirty-six thousand Rupees pertain to the US dollar exchange rate. The Japanese Yen is valued at forty-nine thousand Rupees pertain to this currency exchange rate.

In terms of the currencies of neighboring countries, one may find Indian rupees relatively cheaper compared to the counterparts. For example, a Thai Baht is about one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five grams. An Indian rupee is worth about one dollar twenty-one grams. The US dollar is about sixty to one hundred grams. The Japanese yen is about one hundred to one hundred and eighty grams. Therefore one may conclude that Indian rupees are much cheaper than Thai Baht or the US dollar.

The current exchange rate between currencies is also affected by political, financial and other factors. In India’s case, politics has had a major role in influencing the exchange rates. The current government of the country has been in power since the last fifteen years. This fact has resulted in a drastic change in the Rupee’s value against the US dollar, which currently stands at one thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand Rupees.

The market also affects the Rupee. As a result of a healthy economy in India, the Rupee strengthened against the dollar. Economic analysts believe that this has been a beneficial for Indian exporters. Some economists also believe that the high foreign investment in India is one of the major factors behind the strengthening of the Rupee. The current account deficit is low at about three percent, and this figure is expected to go down if the economy strengthens further. The high foreign investment in India has also contributed to the recent rise in exports.

There are other economic factors that determine the price of the Rupee. If the economy remains in recession, then the exchange rate between currency will be more volatile. On the contrary, if there is a rapid economic growth in India then the Rupee will strengthen because of high foreign investment. If we consider how much one million is equal to how many Rupees, then the answer is easy. One Rupee is equivalent to seventy-five thousand Indian rupees.

Exchanging one million Rupees for another currency such as the US dollar is known as the Rupee to dollar exchange. Experts recommend that the Rupee should be bought at less than one thousand to one hundred and twenty-five thousand Rupees at least. In order to gain more from exchange rates between currencies, it is recommended that traders buy at least one million Rupees and sell them at higher values. This can help you gain a lot of profit.

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