What are called Offline Vacancy ?

Offline Vacancy
Offline Vacancy

Offline Vacancy is a web-based service provided by many recruitment agencies in India, that caters to both online and offline job seekers. Offline Vacancy delivers comprehensive, consolidated results from various sources and sorted into user defined categories.

You are always able to access detailed information regarding “Offline Vacancy” by simply clicking on the relevant link under the category of your interest. Offline Vacancy searches are based on a number of parameters such as location & category, qualification criteria, experience, pay scale, and other such factors.

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As a recruitment agency, you need to keep up with the latest changes in the recruiting industry and take steps to improve your business prospects. Indian government has issued a number of laws last year that has greatly affected recruitment agencies in terms of providing services to the Indian job market.

According to these new laws, recruitment agencies are not allowed to directly advertise on websites like MySpace and Facebook. According to this law, recruitment agencies are only allowed to advertise online using classified websites like Craigslist and offline vacancy forms like hariawaad.

Offline Vacancy eliminates the need for these agencies to waste time posting their vacant positions in different websites.

“Off offline form”, also known as “My Army Offline Vacancy” (MAV), offers a number of benefits to job seekers. Among other things, you can find the best vacancies in your area of interest through MAV. You will also get updates regarding new job openings in the field of your interest.

Offline Vacancy

According to latest marts, the “Indian Government has invited applications from candidates” for the vacancy of” Brigadier-General” post in the month of September. Candidates who apply for this post must be present in Indian army and should have served in Intelligence or Police Department.

The recruitment is carried out for one month. There is no doubt that this is one of the biggest recruiting drives done by the Indian Army in the past few years.

According to the latest trends, it is expected that the number of candidates applying for Indian Army vacancies will increase in September. Candidates applying for the vacancy of “Colonel” must have shown strong command over men in various battlefields and they must possess excellent communication skills.

Those who prefer to pay a recruitment fee have to make sure that they submit the application on or before the last date mentioned in the contract. The contract starts on the first day of the new fiscal year and the payment made on this day becomes due and payable by the recruit on the first day of the next fiscal year.

According to the latest reports, the “Indian Army has invited applications from candidates to fill the vacant posts through CFP Online”. CFP Online is a website of India’s Defense Ministry. In the recent time frame, more than a hundred recruitment companies have conducted their recruitment through CFP Online.

There are various eligibility criteria imposed and it includes an excellent command over English language, proficiency in at least one language other than English, if not proficient in two or three languages and the capability to handle any technical problems relating to defense projects.

Thus, it can be said that this recruitment process is one of the advanced as well as the highly successful in the India’s defense arena.

There are two ways to apply for the CFP Online. One has to fill an offline form which takes about 15 minutes and the candidates can collect their application fee after successfully completing the offline form.

The other way to apply is through email. According to the latest report, there are many candidates who have applied for the vacant posts through email. The number of candidates who filled out the online form has increased to about ten times compared to the number who filled the offline form.

There is another news story that says that the next CFP Online would be published on the first or the second day of the month of May. This news report does not mention the exact date.

May is not a fixed date and may vary according to the demand of the moment. However, this does not mean that the vacant post will be filled on the first or second day of May. Candidates need to collect their application fee on or before the final date mentioned in the advertisement.

There are many people who have sent their application forms for consideration for CFP Online and they have still waiting to submit their payment on or before the last date specified in the ad. Candidates who are well aware about the guidelines for submitting their application forms will be able to submit their payments in time.

Those who are not aware about the guidelines may get into trouble at some point of time. May is not a fixed date and may be predicted anytime according to the demand of the moment.


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