Many new parents Telangana News to send children to schools


HYDERABAD Info & News– Although the Telangana government announced that all educational institutions will reopen on September 1 for send children to schools, many parents are not yet ready to send children to school.
Many parents, particularly those who are primary or secondary school students, don’t want to send their children. They aren’t ready to take the risks of continuing Covid-19 cases and the lack of vaccine for children.

Parents may be afraid send children to schools that their children will contract Covid and decide to wait a few weeks before sending them to physical classes.

Government Decision

Monday’s decision by the state government was to reopen all state educational institutions, , send children to schoolsKG-PG, across the state starting September 1. K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Chief Minister of the state, made the decision at a meeting with P. Sabitha Indra Reddy, education minister, and other senior officials regarding to send children to schools

After the officials from the health department stated in their report that Covid is under control, the chief Minister announced that all educational institutions, including Angandwadis, will be reopened.

Many parents Telangana News to send children to schools

According to the Education Department officials, students have suffered psychological stress from the continued closures of schools. This could have an effect on their future.

After considering all aspects and taking into consideration all views, the chief minister determined that all educational institutions should reopen with precautionary measures.

Schools have been reopened in some states, including Andhra Pradesh. A week ago, schools were reopened in a neighboring state. send children to schools

On Monday, however, four students from a government-run school located in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district were found to be positive for Covid-19. After the August 16th reopening of schools in the state, some students from government schools in Guntur or Prakasam had also tested positive to Covid.

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Parents have criticized the Telangana government’s decision to open all educational institutions. Parents have criticized the Telangana government’s decision to open all educational institutions at once. Instead of a single announcement, it should have made them in stages. P. Mohan Reddy, whose son is a fifth-grade student at a private school in Hyderabad, said that schools above eighth grade should be reopened first. If everything goes well, physical classes can resume for the rest.”

Parents recalled that schools were closed within days of reopening in February because of poor planning.

After an almost 11-month gap, state educational institutions reopened in February after a lapse of about 11 months. They were closed on March 24, however, because of the swell in Covid-19 cases that occurred during the second wave.

Media reports that experts warn parents about a third wave. “Experts have not ruled out the possibility of a third wave. Reports also suggested that children might be most affected by the third wave. How can we take risk in such a situation?” asked Syed Ashfaq, whose children attend primary and secondary schools send children to schools.

Parents agree that school closures are affecting children’s mental health. However, they would prefer to wait to see how the pandemic situation develops before making a decision.

“There is no vaccine available for children.” Parents may send their children if they have been fully immunized. However, not all parents are ready at this time,” stated Ayesha Fatima (a teacher at a private school).

She noted that only 25% of the Class 7 and Above students attended schools when they reopened in February.

Parents are also confused by the lack of information about online classes and send children to schools. The government announced the reopening of all educational institutions but did not say if online classes would continue for students whose parents cannot send them to physical classes.

The majority of parents believe that the government should maintain online classes until the threat of pandemics is eliminated.


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