Hydrogen Power Will Give Rise to an $11 Trillion Revolution in 2022

In places where most people are not looking, the best investments – with the potential to make you rich – are often found.The next generation of millionaire-maker stocks is hydrogen power, if we follow that thread of logic.

No, I’m not blind to the fact that hydrogen has been promoted as a feasible clean energy source since the 1970s. I’m familiar with the backstory. Despite all of the forecasts, hydrogen hasn’t been employed for anything in the energy sector since then. The last 50 years have been marked by false starts in the hydrogen power sector.

I, like the market, am aware of the terrible past there. That’s why investors aren’t as enthusiastic about hydrogen equities as they are about solar, wind, or electric vehicle companies.

However, this is a major error. Despite its sporadic history, hydrogen power is on the verge of fulfilling its long-term promise. It’s finally on its way to become the world’s most essential, dependable, and affordable source of renewable energy.

In the 2020s, that will happen – actually, it will happen this year.

Not in 5 years, now no longer in 10. No, we’re speakme months earlier than we’ll witness the emergence of an $eleven trillion Hydrogen Economy. And we’ll see a few hydrogen shares leap hundreds of percent. History will appearance returned on 2022 because the yr that hydrogen started out to reshape the sector. That way the time to get bullish on hydrogen shares is now. Critically, the relaxation of the sector isn’t paying attention. And that’s your edge — the capacity to behave earlier than positive shares certainly skyrocket.

Hydrogen power: a look at its science

So, let’s cut the hype. What’s the science here?

To best explain, let’s rewind to Chemistry 101.

According to the periodic table, hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe.

Therefore, any power source made with hydrogen will be infinitely more energy-dense than a power source made with something else.

That has enormous implications.

Hydrogen Power’s Kickstarters

The price proposition, however, isn’t a brand new one. After all, the periodic desk hasn’t modified over the last 50 years. So, if not anything has modified, then why will hydrogen electricity all at once take over the easy strength international this decade? Well, some things. For starters, the politics have modified. In the 1970s, no person cared approximately decarbonization. Now, almost each us of a and corporation withinside the international is aiming to obtain net-0 emissions withinside the coming years. And in past due 2021, the U.S. handed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. It provides $sixty two billion for easy strength innovation — the biggest funding for the enterprise in American history.

The costs have changed. Economies of scale and advanced tech have led hydrogen fuel cell costs to drop 60% over the past decade. Deloitte expects those costs to drop below electric battery and combustion engine costs in just a few years.

The tech has changed. Technological breakthroughs and falling renewable energy expenses have led to a new era of scalable “Green Hydrogen” production. Now hydrogen is produced cost-effectively from renewable energy sources like solar and wind instead of natural gas, which is how most has historically been produced.

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