Govt Job Mantra you should know.

govt job mantra

Govt Job Mantra – In the beginning, when I started out in the private sector, I always believed that the mantra for a Government job was to be competent and experienced in the field.

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I took a lot of pride and pleasure in knowing that I was applying my best every time for the position. However, the scenario is completely different today.

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Job security is nonexistent and most of the time people are afraid to apply for jobs with the current economic downturn still prevailing.

Hence, the Govt Job Mantra today is not to be competent and experienced, but more on being experienced in the existing market trend.

The Govt Job Mantra goes something like this – Be presentable, be energetic and above all, be lucky! Lucky are those who get recognized and go for Best Government Jobs with Better Government Job Opportunities.

They are those who believe that applying for a Government job means getting the benefits without going through the rigors of the interview process.

What’s the secret to achieve this? How can you have a better govt job outlook without going through the hassle of interviews? Simple, just be a good listener! When we speak, we tend to ramble and say what we feel and how we think without pausing for analysis or deeper understandings.

Applying for a govt job may involve going through an oral board screening but it’s not the point of this exercise.

Rather, it’s about building rapport and convincing the interviewers that you would be a valuable addition to the govt panel.

Govt Job Mantra

By the time you reach the final interview stage, your presentation would have been enhanced manifold, and you would have enough idea about your objectives and related goals.

Your presentation would depict your capability of proceeding and how much value can be expected from the govt. job, which would have been conveyed in your resume.

In other words, you would be presenting yourself as a well-prepared individual who has thought the matter through and knows how to proceed.

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This is a distinct advantage than being an applicant who has arrived late at the door. It’s about showing that you are a person of consistency and have the inner strength to move ahead and achieve success in whatever level you reach.

The fact is that most of the times, the successful applicants are not the highly qualified ones but those who have built up the trust of the higher cadre. They are able to convince the govt that they would be a better option for the govt job and this is an added advantage.

If you are a regular applicant and you have not achieved success in the past, you are bound to face tough rejections every now and then. But with a positive mindset, you would not allow such a situation to paralyze your sense of purpose.

You would keep reminding yourself of your earlier success, and that only means you would be able to get the govt job with greater confidence.

Remember, you always start with fewer numbers but the more you win the position, the higher will be your position and the more benefits will be added to the portfolio.

So keep a positive and realistic perspective and chances are that sooner than later, you would be getting that dream job that you had always cherished for so long.

Another important factor that is considered by the govt as well as the external agencies when choosing an applicant for the govt job is that his personality suits the job profile and the work environment of the govt. Also, it’s better to have a good resume than a perfect one.

There’s nothing like having that perfect cover letter to land a government job. So, always keep these things in mind while preparing your resume.

In a nutshell, the govt job mantra is all about preparing in a way that you can succeed whatever be the situation be. It is not essential that you should have an education degree as a candidate.

Also, you should not be a fresh graduate. Most importantly, don’t try to make your profile different from the hundreds of other applicants. Remember, all you want is a stable career in the govt’s service, so don’t create any unrealistic expectations and keep your outlook realistic too.


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