Google Pixel 7: News, specs, release date, pricing and more

Google is already preparing the Pixel 7 despite the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro having been out for about half a year. During Google I/O 2022, the company unveiled the upcoming phone. Known as Google’s iPhone 14, this device will be released toward the end of the year. Over the past few months, details about the phone have trickled out along with Google’s official announcement, giving us a glimpse of what to expect. You should take this leak with a grain of salt (even if it comes from the manufacturer itself).


As has been well known with all Pixel phones except the Pixel five, Google could be launching at the least fashions of the Pixel 7. these are to be dubbed the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 seasoned. they’ll share similar designs as proven from Google’s shared photographs, but the seasoned version will in all likelihood boast a higher display, large batteries, and a further digicam.


Despite what Google built into the Pixel 6, a lot of what they built into the Pixel 7 will be retained. The camera visor or camera bar (whatever you call it) appears to be similar to the Pixel 6 with a few minor differences. Thankfully, this means the visor-like rear camera and the hole-punch camera will remain part of the design. There are no longer any two-tone finishes on glass, but Google is using the camera bar to add a little more color this time around.

For a company that moved away from a distinct design with the Pixel 4 and 5 to take ownership of such a striking look can only be a good thing for brand recognition. The Pixel 6’s design truly stands apart from other smartphones. Iterating on it means carving out a look. It’ll be a good choice if Google can keep it going.


Google is predicted to be making a few adjustments to the Pixel 7 and seven seasoned. substantially, the display screen length of the Pixel 7 is coming down to 6.2 inches. The Pixel 7 seasoned is anticipated to head up a little and deliver with a 6.8-inch show.

interior, the enterprise is to maintain eschewing Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and maintain running with its own in-house Tensor chips. There were reviews of a Tensor 2 chip in the works, which Google has showed. even as that could absolutely be extra effective, electricity is not the area wherein Google’s first Tensor floundered. The enterprise’s choice of modem resulted in an inconsistent signal performance that has led to a deleterious impact at the battery as shown with the aid of battery checks run by way of GSMArena. with a bit of luck, the second-era Tensor chip fares a piece better.


Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pro are expected to preserve the same digital camera layout and specs as the Pixel 6 and six seasoned. this means the Pixel 6 may have a 50-megapixel predominant digital camera and a 12MP ultrawide digital camera, even as the Pixel 7 pro will add a 48MP telephoto lens to the layout.

Google has completed this earlier than with the Pixel three, Pixel four, and Pixel 5 all carrying the equal digital camera. To be clear, the hardware is ideal and the digicam revel in of each telephones is superlative. The reasoning here can be the equal, with Google specializing in getting the most use of the digicam hardware earlier than shifting directly to newer ones.

Pricing and availability

Google’s Pixel 7 is expected to interrupt cowl at the corporation’s annual #MadebyGoogle occasion in October. As for pricing, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro were aggressively priced, leading to Google making profits within the premium market (as a minimum in North america). it’d be wiser for the organization to stick with the $600 and $900 starting prices, in place of elevating the charges to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, both of whom still preserve big mindshare and surroundings benefits over Google’s merchandise.

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