Eco Friendly Rakhi-An obligation of Protection

Eco Friendly Rakhi

Make Eco-friendly Rakhi by using clay that dissolves in water without polluting it.However, since they wanted it to be a long lasting rakhi or a gift that the recipient could treasure, they decided to make it plantable by adding seeds.

What’s more, similar to each year, sisters tie a rakhi around their sibling’s wrists to shield them from any risk. In any case, do you have any idea that as opposed to safeguarding anybody, these rakhis put the climate in outrageous peril? Also, in addition to the climate yet people as well!

Consequently, the requirement for changing to Eco-accommodating rakhis becomes basic.

The underneath planned interesting Handmade Eco amicable Rakhi produced using normal assets that is eco-accommodating!

Tulsi and Sandalwood are important plants utilized in Indian ceremonies and customs. To make Rakhi, high quality globules are created from these plants. Each dot is hand cut by Indian craftsmans, which enhances it.

Rakhi strings are delivered from natural cotton, which is hand turned on Charkha by ladies craftsmans in the towns. Rakhi strings are colored with normal materials, turmeric and madder roots, which have restorative properties. At the point when one wears them, they will move these advantages to the wearer.

We have planned this remarkable Recycled Rakhi produced using reused yarn produced using post customer material waste.

Every coconut shell blossom and pom is hand tailored by ladies craftsmans, which increases the value of our reused rakhi assortment.

This Rakhi is enclosed by 100 percent biodegradable reused cotton cloth paper. The actual paper is bereft of wood mash and it has the impression of woolen strands too.

These variables make this Rakhi normal, liberated from synthetic compounds, and climate amicable. Wearing this Rakhi guarantees that you safeguard the climate, as well as help country craftsmans of India to produce pay. Make Rakhsha Bandhan extra paramount by wearing this Rakhi.

Rakhi accompanies Chandan tika and rice for Tilak.

These rakhis can be utilized for longer span as it is made of normal materials.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Rakhis:


What’s more, in addition to this, a portion of these special rakhis are plantable, meaning you can just set them on the right track into a pot, give them daylight and a lot of water and they will develop into lavish green plants.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you want to discard these, simply realize they will not be hurting the climate in any capacity — rather they will either break down into fertilizer or transform into a plant.

2..They are biodegradable

Eco-accommodating rakhis are produced using 100 percent normal and biodegradable materials, in contrast to the plastic ones. These fixings incorporate Tulsi and carrot seeds. From the string to the case these rakhis come in, everything is produced using reused paper.

3.These make wonderful gifts

 These aren’t simply rakhis, these are gifts. Since they come in lovely lavish units loaded with exceptional gifts like plantable pen and pencil made of tomato and marigold seeds separately. A coir grower, natural compost, customized postcard, and informal IDs.

Eco Friendly Rakhi producers:

Customarily, Raksha Bandhan was praised by family. In any case, presently this delightful security where one promises to safeguard one more is praised by most kin regardless of their orientation, including Taapsee Pannu and her sister Shagun.

On this event, both basic and resplendently planned rakhis have consistently tracked down takers. Tragically however, subsequent to being embellished on wrists for a couple of days, these delightful rakhis either get disposed of and add to non-biodegradable waste or are put away for a really long time. In any case, lately, numerous rakhi brands have thought of a reasonable arrangement. Rather than making groups with manufactured material, they have presented plantable rakhis, and these are very popular in light of their reasonable nature.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan

The celebration is comprised of two words, specifically “Raksha” and “Bandhan.” according to the Sanskrit phrasing, the event signifies “the tie or bunch of assurance” where “Raksha” represents the security and “Bandhan” means the action word to tie. Together, the celebration represents the timeless love of sibling sister relationship which doesn’t mean simply the blood connections as it were. It is additionally celebrated among cousins, sister and sister by marriage (Bhabhi), friendly auntie (Bua) and nephew (Bhatija) and other such relations.

Significance of Raksha Bandhan among different religions in India

Hinduism-The celebration is fundamentally celebrated by the Hindus in the northern and western pieces of India alongside nations like Nepal, Pakistan and Mauritius.

Jainism-The event is likewise worshipped by the Jain people group where Jain ministers give formal strings to the lovers.

Sikhism-This celebration gave to the sibling sister love is seen by the Sikhs as “Rakhardi” or Rakhari.


With the quickly changing time and expanding human requirements, it’s important we find areas of strength for a to save our planet.

Thus, this year, make Raksha Bandhan climate well disposed by securing the bunch of insurance to your sibling as well as to your planet too with a plantable Rakhi and make a stride towards making customs more maintainable and greener!


1.What is eco-accommodating rakhi?

Here are a few plans to make various kinds of eco-accommodating rakhis at home. Rice Rakhi: This rakhi is made of rice grains. It is exceptionally simple to make it as rice is effectively accessible at home. You can make rice rakhi utilizing cardboard, rice grains, and strings.

2.What material is utilized for making rakhi?

A string or the like to attach with – silk string, fleece, glossy silk lace, and so on. Brightening Craft Materials: froth, fleece, sequins tufts, dots, and so on.

3.Why do we tie rakhi on Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is an image of affection between a sibling and a sister. On this day, sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their siblings and petition God for their long life. Siblings vow to safeguard them forever. This day is yearly celebrated on the last day of the Shravana month.

4.What is the worth of Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha implies security and bandhan implies bond. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is a significant Hindu celebration, committed to family. On this promising day, sisters tie a string on her sibling’s wrist and petition God for his long and prosperous life. Consequently, the sibling gives a badge of affection to his caring sister.

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