Changing a phone? What to do before discarding an old cell phone

There is something exciting about exploring the many features that a brand new phone has to offer. Before you can do that, you must determine how you will deal with the old one. Unless you want it to end up in a landfill or a drawer, you can either sell it, recycle it, or simply give it away. Today, smartphones are like constant companions, and they know much more about you than you think. There is a lot of information on your phone that you wouldn’t want someone else to have access to, including browsing history, BFFs on WhatsApp, images, videos, and important documents. While changing phones, the most basic thing to do is remove the SIM card and the microSD card. When transitioning, there are some steps you shouldn’t skip.

Data backup

It’s nothing however foolishness to discard an vintage cellphone with out resetting it to factory settings. You have to wipe your phone off all information earlier than switching to a new one, in any other case, it could be hacked without problems. once you do that, all of the data will vanish, which include your priced reminiscences within the form of photographs, motion pictures, and essential files. consequently, statistics backup is the primary thing you need to do.

Most smartphones nowadays come with the choice of cloud storage. If no longer, Android customers can use Google pictures for backing up their photos and movies. For doing that, you simply need to open Google pix and tap in your profile icon that suggests up inside the top right corner. If it suggests ‘Backup whole’, you’re looked after. If not, activate the option.

iPhone users can use iCloud for the same. Just go to Settings and click on your name at the top. It will take you to your Apple ID page. Based on what phone you own, choose either iCloud, iCloud Backup, or Backup Now.

If your phone doesn’t have the cloud storage option, you can always use third-party apps, such as OneDrive and Dropbox.

You can also use a Windows PC or Mac for the same purpose.Transfer the necessary files from your Android phone to the computer using a USB connection.Ensure that your phone is in MTP (file transfer) mode and that it is not charging.

further, you could again up your iPhone statistics the use of a windows pc. even as the usage of the latter, plug your iPhone into your MacBook, and open Finder. Do notice, that you may use Finder for information backup with macOS 10.15 or later. otherwise, use iTunes. On Finder, click on on general, which you can find on the pinnacle. pick out ‘again up all of the statistics to your iPhone to this Mac’.

You can also encrypt data by selecting ‘Encrypt local backup’ and clicking on ‘Back-Up Now’.

WhatsApp is among the most-used apps worldwide. Gladly, it comes with backup options. For chat backup, open WhatsApp, go to Settings, click on Chats, then Chat backup. You can back up this app’s data on Google drive.

Manage passwords

After you are finished with backing up your records, shift your awareness to passwords. apart from the usual functions of making calls and receiving messages, we use multiple apps. From messaging apps which includes WhatsApp and social media ones like facebook and Instagram to banking and payments apps along with PayTM and Google Pay, there are several apps that we typically use, and each of them calls for a username and password. even as discarding an vintage cellphone, logging out of those is a step you shouldn’t skip.

Evidently, on your new phone, you need to download and log in to all of these. However, it might not be humanly possible to remember all the usernames and passwords.

A remedy: use another app that allows manipulate passwords. LastPass and ZohoVault are some of the password supervisor apps you can explore. LastPass doesn’t just store your usernames and passwords but automobile-fills when you log lower back in to your new telephone.

Log out

Log out of all apps once you’ve gathered your usernames and passwords in one place.Make sure that you stop using Gmail as well.

Unpair with other devices

Now that you are getting rid of your old phone, you also need to unpair it with other devices, such as a speaker, Apple Watch, etc.

Reset to factory setting

The final step earlier than bidding adieu to your old telephone is resetting it to manufacturing facility settings. greater generally called formatting or difficult reset, it’ll erase all of the facts from your smartphone, consisting of images, motion pictures, apps, doctors, etc. The handiest objects final can be the ones pre-mounted when you obtain that cellphone.

Although this feature differs across phones, you find it in Settings. Once you format it, your phone will be as good as new for someone else’s use. No matter how tempted you are to use your new phone and get rid of the old one, do not do so before checking everything off the above list.

You can manage passwords with apps like LastPass or ZohoVault.When you log back in with your new phone, LastPass not only saves your username and password, but also automatically fills them in.

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