Indian Government, under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, made a revolutionary change in the Indian economy by launching the Digital India Program. The main aim of the Digital India Program is to provide all government services electronically to citizens by increasing internet connectivity, digital literacy and enhancing online infrastructure.  Providing high-speed internet network facility in rural areas will act as a bridge over their development. Schemes under Digital India are BharatNet, Make in India, Startup India, and Standup India, industrial corridors, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, dedicated freight corridors, and UDAN-RCS. Digital India Programme is also known as an umbrella program as this is covering various departments. The Digital India Programme will pull together many existing schemes which would be restructured and re-focused and implemented in a synchronised manner

Facilities which will be provided through Digital India initiative are Bharat net, digital locker, e-education, e-health, e-sign, e-shopping, and national scholarship portal.

To improvise digital empowerment in the field of technology Digitize India Platform was launched on 1st July 2015 under Digital India Programme. It provides digitalization service for scanned document, image or physical documents for the organization. Creating data extracts for document management by making use of all available content and managing the records. Digitize India Platform is helpful for huge organization as it provides an innovative solution for every practical problem by converting their paperwork into digital documents.

With the aim of paperless office, Digitize India Platform organization digitalize the paper documents by scanning all important paper and converting them into either PDF format or in an image as required. The steps involved in the digitalizing process are as follows:

  • Snippets( to contributors)
  • Matching snippets in the match engine
  • Awarding reward points for each correct digitalized word.
  • Digitalizing snippets text and assembling them in the digitalized platform
  • Final assembling of documents for reverting them to the relevant organization


Digitize India Platform is beneficial as it extracts text from the document with a similar number, multi-language and have alphanumeric data which is available in large organization and with the digital contributor( known as stakeholders also)


The benefit of Digitize India Platform to Organisation:

Digital storage of documents not only has saved time, cost and spaces which is required when documents are available in physical form( in various organization), but has also helped the organization to search and easy access the records for making prompt decisions. With the help of Digital storage of documents errors can easily be identified by applying it to the formulated sheet, hence rectification takes place in no time without delay in work. It also saves the data from physical disaster by replicating the data via different media to different locations. Digitize India Platform can be used by all type of organization such as government department, public sector, and other autonomous bodies.

The benefit of Digitize India Platform to Digital Contributor:

Digital Contributors are one which performs simple data entry task in Digitize India Platform. It has emerged as a new field which has good employment opportunity of data entry operator, to utilize this one has to be the citizen of India and have Aadhar card number along with, as only then they can become Digital contributor. Once a person becomes a digital contributor they are assigned with data entry task and are paid according to the words type and quality of the task performed. Digital contributors are paid via reward points for every correct task, which can be latterly converted into monetary value or one can also donate them to Digital India initiative. Bank account details must be linked with Aadhar number as earned money will be transferred to the linked account only. Each earned reward point means 2 paise in Indian rupee. Therefore, when you type words correctly you get 1 point. Apart from this, if your typing speed is good, then you can earn up to Rs 150-200 in 2-3 hours. Having computer knowledge is mandatory as working as a digital contributor not only enhances ones IT skills but also gives an opportunity for extra earning by redeeming the rewards points.

The online registration process for Digitize India Platform is given below:

  • Firstly, visit the Official Website i.e.
  • On the Homepage, click on Register Now option
  • After that, an online registration form will appear on your screen
  • Fill out the registration form carefully along with your Aadhar Number.
  • After that, validate the Aadhar Number by verification.
  • Now, create your username, password etc and click on the Register Now button.
  • Then, log in using your username and password
  • Go to My Account and complete your Profile
  • After that, complete the bank account profile
  • Now, work and earn money online

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Digitize India Platform is an online opportunity started by the Central Government at for earning online money to the people of the country. People interested to do the online job through which money can easily be earned by working online from home then one can register themselves online on this web portal and can earn money online. The best thing about this online working is that there is no registration fee charged or deducted later also.


This is basically an Online Data Entry Job. You just have to enter some credentials and earn money online for each credential. Data entry is the only work one has to learn to work as a Digital Contributor in Digitize India Platform, as it isn’t the most challenging job, industry trends show this field as the robust in coming era but currently its good for a fresher who want work to pay the bills. People who perform data entry include electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders, and clerks. Data entry work can be handled from remote location also which means one need not to be present in physical form or report regularly.

Digital India has increased Internet subscribers to 800 million according to the recent records, this has provided the great impact at international development, which National e-Governance Plan fail to achieve. Some important facilities provided to empower citizens digitally under Digital India are:

  • Digital Locker facility will help citizens to digitally store their important documents such as PAN card, passport, mark sheets, and degree certificates. A separate secure access to Government issued documents will be provided. It will be linked with the authentic link of Aadhaar and eliminating the use of physical documents. Citizen, Issuer, and the requester will be the stake owners of the DigiLocker.
  • BPO and job growth
  • e-Sampark Vernacular email service: This will connect rural India with Digital India, the Government of India impelled email services provider giants including Gmail, Microsoft office, and Rediff to provide the email address in regional languages. The email provider companies have shown a positive sign and are working in the same process. To this Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd- an Indian-based company has launched world’s first free linguistic email address naming ‘DATAMAIL’ with the facility of creating email ids in 8 Indian languages, English; and three foreign languages – Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

To register in digital India one has to simply log in at